My Little Sister


The Acquaintance

Kolya is a selfish young man. He quit his job to find himself but instead of searching he immersed himself into virtual communication on Facebook and his blog. He hardly reacts to the world around him, where he has a wife.
His wife is a careful and conscious woman, but she is fed up with such a life and leaves her husband.
The only person Kolya communicates in reality is his elder brother Lekha. He is a painter, a favorite son and a hit with the ladies.
In one unremarkable morning Kolya finds his brother dead. The police believe that this is suicide. Their father, a rude and unpleasant man, who is not in the best of terms with Kolya, is sure that Lekha was killed. He was a strong man and would never commit a suicide. He wants to find a killer of his son.
Being in conflict with his father and desperately missing his brother, Kolya overcomes his fear and reluctance and starts his own investigation. He meets his brothers women trying to find out what relationship they had and who could kill Lekha.

The Road of Death

The film is based on a true story. A criminal gang kills accidental car drivers on the road Don M4 without any evident reason. Detective Zvonarev from a local police precinct and detective Melnikov from a High Crime investigating committee carry out the investigation. Their methods of work are quite different. Zvonarev is short-tempered and neglects formalities. In contrast to him, Melnikov acts accordingly to the letter of the law, relying on verified data and facts only. Journalists reports overload the situation while authorities try to trade on people's fears. An unknown "rat" helps criminals always be one step ahead. Based on the publicly available information on the real case, the film tells its own version of what happened on the road.

Lawyer: The Sequel

The lawyer Aleksey Zimin is back to work. In every episode, representing interests of his client he carries out his own investigation. He finds the real offender and rights the wrong. His devoted colleague, the lawyer Lubov Korotkova and ex-detective Egor Volodin help him to conduct cases. Egor was taken to the lawyers office on recommendation of Zimins daughter.
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