Non-ideal woman

After losing her job, Liubania and her  11-year old son  fi  nd  themselves penniless and turn to her best friend  Simkina for help.  Simkina, who has been left heartbroken after splitting up with her  boyfriend, agrees to lend Liubania some money if she helps to get Valeriy back.  Simkina’s plan is simple. Liubania will meet Valeriy by chance,  make him fall in love with her by appearing to be his ideal woman and when she  leaves him, Simkina will heal his broken

heart and at the same time, rekindle  their relationship.  Reluctantly, Liubania agrees to help her friend but soon after  meeting Valeriy, she falls in love with him. How will she break the news to Simkina  and will her relationship with Valeriy survive the truth?

Directed by: Dmitriy Fiks

Cast: Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Vladislav Galkin, Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Director of photography: Goran Pavichevich

Art Director: Alexey Nazarov

Script by: Alexander Pronin

Original music by: Ilya Dukhovny

Produced by: Maksim Stishov, Dmitriy Fiks, Sergey Fiks, Sergey Shumakov