The crime must be solved

There are only four of them but they are the best and worth the whole investigation department. Meet crime investigators Olga Glukhareva, Mikhail Gnezdikovsky, Yuri Ryss and a young trainee  Glasha. They specialize in cold cases the crimes that couldnt have been solved but only until the characters tackle the problem.

Directed by: Stanislav Libin, Ivan Schegolev

Cast: Yulia Menshova, Igor Gordin, Nastia Zadorojhnaya, Viktor Dobronravov

Director of photography: Dobrinay Morgachev, Yuri Schirenko, Kirill Nerssesyan

Music by: Ilya Dukhovny

Produced by: Maksim Stishov, Dmitriy Fiks

Executive Producers: 
Mikhail Kurbatov, Konstantin Volkov