Hot on the heels

The main characters of the TV show are Lubov Suvorova, Adrey Shulgin and their assistant Olga, the members of the Russian Ministry of the Interior missing persons unit. Together they investigate mysterious disappearances of people. The story also focuses on the personal life of the leader of the team Lubov Suvorova, who suffers divorce and is torn between her ex-husband and a new man.

Starring: Mariya Poroshina, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Alexander Tyutin, Vladimir Epifatsev, Darya Sagalova

Script by: 

Sergey Stepanov, Vladimir Arkusha, Levan Galustov etc.

Directed by:

Ilya Maksimov

Director of photography:

Yuri Behkterev

Music by:

Ilya Dukhovny


Maria Poroshina, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Daria Sagalova etc.

Original music by:

Ilya Dukhovny

Executive Producers:

Mikhail Kurbatov, Artyom Chuba

Produced by:

Maksim StishovDmitriy Fiks