Major Shapovalov works in one of the Moscow police departments. Beside his official job he has an under-the-counter source of income. He carries out investigations for the money.  His free time he passes with booz and women. Gous is a fresh graduate of a police academy and a new assistant of Shapovalov.  He totally disapproves Shapovalovs way of work and life. Despite their disagreement the characters have to work with each other. 

Srarring: Alexander Baluev, Evgeniy Pronin, Ekaterina Strijhenova, Valeriy Barinov, Nikolay Serdtsev, Veronika Lisakova, Natalya Lesnikovskaya, Alexander Kuznetsov, Aleksand Seguev etc.

Script by:

Alexander Pronin, Yuriy Rogozin

Directed by:

Ilya Maximov

Director of photography:

Yuriy Bekhterev, Arunas Vaydas

Original music by:

Ilya Dukhovny

Produced by:

Ekaterina Efanova, Maksim Stishov, Dmitriy Fiks