White Moor

White Moor is an ironic, and sometimes very funny bittersweet story about the daily lives of the upper middle class, which so fascinate Americas Woody Allen. In our country, there is still a rather small group that represents the rich society people. Besides the obvious trappings of material wealth, there is all of the existential doubt and banal adulteries of businessmen, movie stars, owners of dental clinics and their beautiful wives who are all united by their bright young pioneer past. This turns out to be much harder to overcome than to stake out a mansion in the New Riga nouveau riche neighborhood.

Srarring: Andrey Sokolov, Ekaterina Strijhenova, Alexander Galibin, Anna Yakunina, Evgeniya Morozova, Igor Vernik, Jhanna Epple, Sergey Astahov, Olesya Jhelezniyak, Evklid Kyurdzidis, Galina Petrova, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Alexander Tyutin, Polina Raykina

Script by:

Maksim Stishov

Directed by:

Dmitriy Fiks

Director of photography:

Adrey Makarov

Original music by:

Ilya Dukhovny

Executive Producers:

Mikhail Kurbatov, Tatyana Ostern, Artyom Chuba

Produced by:

Gennadiy Kostrov, Nikolay Solovov, Maksim StishovDmitriy Fiks