"Give me some love"

A girl working in a bakery dreams of having a baby, but is afraid to repeat her mother’s fate, who abandoned  her children for the sake of a man. Falling in love with a boy gives her a chance to forget about her fears and hope for happiness. However, the sudden death of her boyfriend destroys all her hopes. Will the girl be ever happy.

Script by:
Adrei Layda

Directed by:
Ilya Maximov

Music by:
Ilya Dukhovniy

Cinematography by:
Alexandr Simonov

Production design by:
Anna Kopteva

Costumes by:
Svetlana Mamontova

Executive producers:
Mikhail Kurbatova, Tatiana Ostern

Aleksand Kushaev, Sergey Fiks, Dmitriy Fiks