Anka from Moldavanka

Odessa of the 70s. Anna Ksenaki, half Greek, refuses to leave The Soviet Union with her family. Not only the native town keeps her at home, but also her feelings to Arcady Sotnikov, the leader of a gang that robs the rich of Odessa. Just returned from Moscow Nikolay Vasiliev joins the investigation of the robbery cases. He is the son of the head of Odessas police and  Annas ex-boyfriend. Some time ago the father of Nikolai separated the lovers, and sent him to Moscow. But once they meet again, they realize that they still love each other. Anna finds herself caught between two fires.  She realizes that she is in love with both Nikolay and Arcady. Anna leads a double life. Nikolay and Arcady dont realize it, but their the partners in the police and the gang suspect Anna more and more

Starring: Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Anton Shagin, Stanislav Bondarenko etc.

Script by: Marina Koshkina

Directed by: Vladimir Yanoschuk

Music byIlya Dukhovny

Cinematography by: Yuri Behkterev

Production design by: Igor Bril

Executive producersMikhail Kurbatov, Liudmila Khudorozhko

ProducersDmitriy Fiks